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Updated April 13, 2015


British Websites


Website Description The Universities and Colleges Applications Services (UCAS) is the organization which manages applications to post-secondary education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The web site is an incredibly rich resource for students and counsellors with very powerful search engines for locating programs and institutions as well as the Stamford test which helps students decide which subjects might be suitable for them to study. This web site sponsored by the British Council provides information regarding life in the UK, possible areas of study, and helpful information regarding application to UK universities. /canada The British Council is an organization supporting educational and cultural opportunities in Britain. The site has volumes of useful information regarding living as an overseas student in Britain, scholarship and institutional information, visa details and much more. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has a mandate to safeguard the quality of British Education. As such they perform periodic reviews of university programs and publish their results. These reports are available at this web site. Unistats is a web site from the Higher Education Funding Council in the UK with useful statisitics for comparing universities and their programs such as graduation and employment rates, student satisfaction data and the UCAs application rating scores. Universities (UK) is the association representing the universities in England. The web site provides a variety of resources including statistics regarding universities. Universities (Scotland) is the association representing the universities in Scotland. The web site provides a variety of resources including statistics regarding universities. This wiki is a web site with dialogue regarding student life at UK universities. Posted comments are marked when checked and approved by site moderators. It contains a great deal of helpful information that is often difficult to find on university web sites. The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is a national body supporting and protecting the needs of international students. This site has information regarding immigration and visas, sources of funding, tuition fees, and lifestyle. /universityguide *"The Guardian" publishes annual rankings of British Universities in what are known as League Tables. These can be found at this web site /universityguide.php *"The Times" publishes their own version at this web site *"The Independent" publishes their League Tables in a publication titled "the Complete Universities Guide.

*Please note: One should be very cautious whenever considering "rankings" of universities. The are very subjective and one would be hard pressed to distinguish between universities ranked closely together.


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